About Me & Massage Education Guide

A few things about me and the creation of Massage Education Guide....

After 22 years of practicing massage, I decided to create an online resource for people who want to learn about massage, massage products, and the health benefits they can provide for our bodies.

I have professional massage practitioners that provide honest, "been there,done that" answers from years of actually practicing massage on a daily basis.

I realized that there were plenty of massage websites online, plenty of people sharing their opinions of massage therapy products and services, but questioned if they were promoting products and/or services that they really trusted or if they promoted for the commissions.

I never wanted to be a massage therapist, in fact, I thought I would be a physician, or at least someone who helped people heal on a daily basis.

But, life takes us in directions we never thought we would go!

After my kids were born, I wanted a job that could make a decent salary to help support my family, while still allowing me to be at home if they needed me. A home office massage practice gave me that opportunity.

With the creation of this site, I hope to help you...empower you with  information about massage therapy, schools, techniques, jobs, and product reviews you can use in your home or practice to relieve pain.

Many massage practitioners have shared their stories about how and why they think folks learn about massage services and products, but we want to invite you to share your thoughts about getting massage therapy also, so that together we can encourage others who may be considering searching for a massage therapist.

Please feel free to use the contact form to let me know of subjects you would like to see addressed on this website. We add new subjects from suggestions daily.

Also, feel free to share your advice for others who may be searching for answers about types of massage, products, or services. There are many sections of the website to provide product reviews, and we all need to hear your opinions.

As massage therapy evolves and becomes more specialized, excellent massage education will be at the forefront.

I invite you to read more about massage therapy, about different career paths in the field and about the true benefits massage can bring to you and your clients. 

This book, Sorry, I'm Booked, has some great information for those who are considering massage therapy career. It has tips on how to become a therapist, what massage therapy is all about, and ideas for building a long-lasting business.

Sharing ideas that work, to encourage others to seek massage, has never been easier...or more important.

Enough about me! Let your voice be heard!

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