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Some of the best massage therapy CEU home-study classes can be taken as online classes without the expense of travel. Massage Continuing Education is required for most therapists, therefore, courses must be obtained in a timely manner to maintain your license and avoid paying fines.

Home study classes allow the therapist the convenience of studying at home without taking time away from work, family and client appointments.

Most therapists need and appreciate the ability to study for their massage therapy ceu credits when their schedule allows and not have to take the time away from other obligations.

Tips on Choosing Massage Therapy Home Study Classes

  • Make sure that you understand what types of and how many CE hours are required to renew your license, certifications and professional memberships. For instance, your state and your national certification may both require ethics massage therapy ceu classes every 2 years, but one may require 4 hours and the other only 2 hours.
  • Make sure that the class provider (instructor) is an approved provider for your state.
  • When searching for massage therapy ceu classes, make sure to do a thorough online search. There are some CE classes that are much less expensive and provide the same information or very similar information.
  • Weigh what you will spend on a class vs. how much additional revenue the training/certification will bring to your business
  • Take massage therapy CEU classes that are interesting to you, not just because it's an economical, "lots of hours for the money" type of class
  • Make sure you can actually learn the technique visually. For instance, if you are a hands-on learner, the online classes may not be beneficial for you, and therefore a waste of your money.
  • Search for CE classes that will teach you services that are not yet offered in your area or by other providers near you

This is a great list of massage therapy ceu home study courses:

Massage Therapy Home Study
Instructor/Website Course Titles Related Articles
Vivian M. Mahoney
Massage Insurance Billing Massage Insurance Billing
Ariana Institute
Ariana Institute
Addiction Recovery
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy Massage
Ayurvedic Ayurvedic Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage Back Massage
Chair Massage Chair Massage
Couples Massage Couples Massage
CranioSacral Therapy CranioSacral Therapy
Deep Tissue Therapy (Lower Body) Leg Massage
Facial Massage and Scalp Massage Facial Massage
Geriatric Massage Elder Massage
Headache and Allergy Relief Sinusitis
Hot and Cold Stone Therapy Geothermal Therapy
Lymphatic Massage for the Face and Neck Manual Lymph Drainage
Massage Therapy Instructors Class: Teaching Adult Learners Teaching CE classes
Neck, Hand and Foot Massage Neck Massage
Pain Management in a Therapeutic Environment Pain Syndromes
Practice Building and Marketing in a Therapeutic Setting Marketing Your Practice
Prenatal Massage Pregnancy Massage
Reflexology Reflexology
Reiki Level One Reiki
Reiki Level Two Types of Energy Healing
Sports Massage Sports Massage
Self Care and Body Mechanics for Massage Therapists Self Care
Soothing Trauma – The Mind–Body Connection Trauma Release
Center for Massage Therapy Continuing Education
NCBTMB Package 1 50 CE Hours
Therapists Guide to Proper Body Mechanics Self Care for Therapists
Modalities for Massage Therapy Massage Career "Niche"
Trigger Point Therapy Trigger Point
Cupping Therapy Cupping
Orthopedic Massage Orthopedic Massage
Introduction to Deep Tissue Massage Deep Tissue with Massage Stones
Shiatsu Therapy Shiatsu
Introduction to Tui Na Massage Chinese Massage
Essential Oils Overview Essential Oil Benefits
Acupressure Basics Acupressure
Massage for Headaches and Neck Pain Headaches
Massage and TMJ Disorders TMJ
Massage and Migraines Migraines
Massage and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Ethics in Massage - Roles and Boundaries Inappropriate Behavior in the Massage
Social Networking for Massage Practice Marketing Massage Online
Institute for Somatic Therapy
Anatomy Fascial Lines
Body in Action (Overcoming Joint Stiffness and Pain) Massage for Arthritis
Chair - Therapeutic Chair Massage Chair Massage
Fibromyalgia (Stop the Suffering) Fibromyalgia Massage
Hot Stone Massage Advanced Stone Massage
Low Back Disorders for Massage Therapists Lower Back Massage
Muscle Energy Techniques Advanced Massage Techniques
Myofascial Release Myofascial Release
Neuromuscular Fundamentals Neuromuscular Therapy
Outcome Based Massage Medical Massage Therapy
Pathology - Edema Edema
Pathology - Sciatic Pain Sciatica and Massage
Spa Therapy Fundamentals How to Open a Spa
Stretching Anatomy Active Isolated Stretching
Thai Yoga Massage Thai Massage
Infant Massage Baby Massage
Fertility Massage Fertility Massage
Massage Doula About Massage Doula

If you are trying to learn about different modalities in massage, this DVD set, Massage Collection 4 DVD Set - Learn How to Give a Massage - Tips & Techniquesprovides instruction on several different types of massage. It includes how to give a full body massage, Indian head massage, luxurious facial massage, deep tissue massage and back & neck massage techniques. It' great for learning a few basic modalities, and a few specialized therapies.

Choosing massage therapy ceu classes is often a dreaded task for massage therapists, especially if you have been practicing for many years. But, you never know when you will take the class that gives your business huge growth, and a huge boost to your income!

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