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Beijing massage parlors offer many types of oriental massage therapies, which have originated in different cultures. Chinese massage techniques are often handed down from generation to generation in Asian families, with females being the primary massage giver in the family.

In a traditional Chinese massage parlor, a professional session may include trigger point therapydeep tissueshiatsuacupressureayurvedicChinese (Tui Na)Japanese,or reflexology work.

You may be asked to lie on a regular bodywork table or on the floor if thai bodywork, known in Thailand as "nuat phaen boran", is used. If so, the session may also include stretching.

Bodywork treatments in Asian countries are often less expensive than in the U.S. Typically, you will pay around half the price for bodywork, sometimes even less.

Traditional Chinese medical massage is still performed in Chinese medical settings, however, most spas offer a combination of the traditional Chinese and western spa services.

Some massage centers are for females only, some are for males only.

To encourage relaxation of muscles, they may use massage stones or warm bamboo stalks to warm the muscles and help the therapist release deeper muscles.

This is one of the massage video clips that shows massage in an actual Chinese massage parlor:

Massage education classes in Beijing:

Massage therapy classes at Beijing Higher Chinese Medicine Training School include Thai massage, restoration massage for injured muscles, Chinese medicine, foot massage, medical massage therapy, and acupuncture studies.

For areas with inflammation, the therapist may use cold marble stones. Read more about the benefits of cold stone massage.

Chinese medical skills, mixed with herbs, massage stones, and massage oils, are known to heal and promote optimal health in this area of the world.

Most therapy services are very detailed, focusing on even the smallest muscles in the body. Chinese medical massage students are taught how to locate and release tensions in and around even the smallest muscles.

This book, Tui na: A manual of Chinese Massage Therapy teaches how to give many different Chinese massage techniques, with simple step-by-step directions, and pictures which detail each movement.

Whether you are interested in learning more about Chinese massage parlors for an upcoming visit to China, or just want to learn these Beijing massage techniques at home, may you find the healing, that many have found for centuries, in these therapies.

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