and Relaxing Massage in Water!

Amnion is a combination of water massage therapy and prenatal massage therapy. It was created from years of studying the Pre- and Perinatal Therapy and effects of massage in water.

Mary Seamster took her experience of these therapies into water massage sessions, which she now uses on clients with MS, Cerebral Palsy, and others with emotional issues.

This type of massage therapy has grown and developed into a much sought after therapy for different types of physicians to refer to their patients.

It is a perfect massage modality for therapists who work in fitness centers, medi-spas, and rehabilitation centers with warm water pools, hot tubs, or salt water pool therapies.. 

Mary works and teaches this modality to other therapists, usually in warm salt water where patterns that look and feel like prenatal shapes often show up in her clients.

Using these observations, she began to understand what actually lies below the pain, and the difference that a therapist could make in the water massage session.

Like the amniotic membranes, the practitioner holds their client in a protection matrix, letting the client develop at their own pace, with gentle contributions by the therapist as to their orientation and surroundings in space, allowing release.

This is one of the massage videos that demonstrates the therapy:

Sessions will begin on the top of the water, and many times remain there. If the client chooses to go deeper under the water line, the therapist assists the process.

On the surface of the water, the therapist may provide limb movements or patterns. If the client goes below the water, control of posture, reflexes, and muscles, are addressed.

Emotional issues sometimes surface from water massage sessions.But, they can also be totally, magically released in one therapy treatment.

Prices for this therapy can range from $50- $85, depending on the location where it is offered, the experience level of the therapist, and the duration of the session.

Stress can be discharged greatly with this therapy.

The therapist is taught to hold a safe area for these discharges, acting as a protective membrane.

Therapists are taught about the internal similarities between conception and death, and how the same patterns of water massage movement are consistent, which offer comfort and support in this therapy.

Training information and class offerings can be found at:
Contact: Mary Seamster LMP, BCST, IA Therapy

Amnion is a truly relaxing water massage therapy that allows release of stress, anxiety, negative emotions, and anger, while providing a unique body massage therapy.

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