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Dec 10, 2017

Massage Oils that Melt the Tension Away

Massage Oils are the most important massage product for a professional therapist. Read about the brands of oils that therapists recommend to other therapists and clients.

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Dec 10, 2017

Massage Cream Reviews by professional massage therapists

Massage cream is used by massage practitioners who want to ensure a smooth gliding motion to the massages they provide. Massage therapists are picky about each massage therapy product. Massage videos

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Dec 06, 2017

Massage Therapy Careers

Massage therapy careers are expected to grow over the next 10-12 years, with a projected 20% increase in massage therapist jobs. High paying careers in massage

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Dec 05, 2017

Massage Techniques

Videos of massage techniques including swedish, deep tissue, relaxation, aromatherapy, hot stone, pregnancy, fibromyalgia, fertility, myofascial release, craniosacral, neuromuscular, manual lymph

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Dec 05, 2017

Best massage tip for pain and stress relief

Best massage tip for healing therapy to ease pain, release tension and melt away stress is to find a great therapist, learn benefits of massage, and understand techniques

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Dec 05, 2017

Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits

Frankincense essential oil benefits includes reducing anxiety, increasing immunity, reducing pain and severe inflammation, and helping to fight some types of cancer.

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Dec 03, 2017

Geranium Essential Oil Benefits

Geranium essential oil benefits include it's ability to help with symptoms of menopause, anxiety, acne breakouts, balance hormones, to help promote a deep state of relaxation.

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Dec 03, 2017

Manual Lymph Drainage and Massage

Manual lymph drainage massage, or lymphatic massage, is given to patients who experience edema in legs, arms, abdomen and other areas of the body which have excessive fluid. Massage videos teach this

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Dec 02, 2017

Choosing a Massage Oil Warmer

A massage oil warmer is essential for any massage therapist who learning how to give a massage. It provides an instant warm touch to their clients and warm oil massage makes the session relaxing

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Dec 02, 2017

Myrrh Essential Oil Uses

Myrrh essential oil uses are known for their ability to help heal wounds and prevent infection, stop bleeding, and treat fungus

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